Quantru™ Fuel Marker

Preventing oil frauds such as smuggling, under-declaration, tapping, dumping, adulteration and dilution

Fuel Marker is a chemical marker used to prevent oil frauds. These markers, which are read with special sensors, can detect the origin of fuels and prevent illegal activities that cause economic loss, especially smuggling.

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    Preventing illegal commerce in fuel and fuel contamination with inferior products

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    Preserving the integrity of automotive and heating fuels, enhancing user trust
    Protecting vehicles by warranting the exact quality of fuel

  • Asset-4-1

    Assuring that state organizations and regulators are able to secure the proper amount of income from taxes on fuel

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    Limiting the unlawful import of no or low-tax goods and the dumping of transit, export or subsidized fuels
    Discouraging inter-company product dumping. Aiding environmental protection measures


Quantru™ Fuel Marker with Numbers

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Substantial Cost Saving


Unique encryption comes with every production cycle. Impossible to decipher quantum tag


Patented product with state-of-the art technology