Brand Authentication

The desire for ultra secure and cost effective tags of brand protection and product authentication applications can be achieved by the novel Quantum Tagging Technology.

Unique quantum tags can be employed with inks, resins or polymers to create secure tags on products. They can also  be directly employed in products. Vast selection of our sensor systems enable on field authentication of products, directly preventing fake and counterfeited products. Quantag can tailor specific nano-solution that suits you best for your particular needs.   

Selling and buying of counterfeit goods harm not only economy but also environment, equality and social welfare.

  • Unique quantum tags can be employed with inks, resins or polymers. Highly secure quantum tags to discern your product in no time.
  • Prevents fake and counterfeited products.
  • On field authentication of products is possible with our compact sensor systems.

Global Economic Loss Due to Product Counterfeiting


Annual cost of counterfeit goods


Well paying jobs lost to sweatshops with unhealthy working conditions


Serious economic parf of global GDP is lost to criminal practices related to counterfeiting