The desire for ultra secure and cost effective tags of brand protection and product authentication applications can be achieved by the novel Quantum Tagging Technology.

Fuels can be authenticated and tracked real time throughout the distribution cycle via Quantum Tags. High quantum yields of quantum tags enables ppb level operation

Quantum Tagging Technology is a perfect fit for security printing applications and can meet stringent needs for new security features of the sector.

Tailor-made Nanotechnologies

Quantag is a nanotechnology company which focuses on brand authentication, fluid markers and security printing. It has various ongoing projects with some of the biggests companies and some government agencies in Turkey.



Ultimate Security


Ultimate Security



3 Pillars of Quantum Tagging Technology

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    Quantum Dots/Tags

    Quantum Dots (QDs) are semiconductor nanocrystals with sizes between 2 and 20 nm. Quantum Dots are unique due to the ability to precisely tune their optical and electrical properties via particle size, chemical composition and surface chemistry.

    Quantum Tags are created by employing multiple QDs and taking advantage of their unique independent and interdependent characteristics.

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    Sensor Technologies

    Quantag’s expertise on sensor technologies empowers specifically tailored sensor systems to read and decode quantum tags, exploiting unique properties of quantum tags. Our sensors can detect quantum tags in real time at point of use, enabling higher security with low cost of tagging.

    Quantag’s versatile sensors are fully adaptable to various projects. 

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    QDot Mass Production

    Quantag’s automated mass quantum dot production method enables precise control on process parameters, enabling high quality quantum dots to generate quantum tags in a cost effective way.

    Quantag can provide high volume of QDots with specific characteristics and this makes it a reliable producer of products such as Fuel Marker.