Customer Orientation

With sensor technologies and nanotechnology competencies, Kuantag Nanoteknolojiler Geliştirme ve Üretim A.Ş. offers advanced technology solutions and services to its customers. It creates solutions that enable businesses to protect the authenticity and security of their brands and products, to mark the liquids they produce and/or use, and thus, ensure the integrity of the supply chain.

We undertake:

To come up with new products and services with our customers, and thus, provide solutions that focus on the needs of our customers and are above expectations by placing the people at the center of the product and service development,

To act in cooperation with our customers for continuous improvement even after the development of products and services,

To commit ourselves to the experiences of our customers with our lean, effective, agile, efficiency-oriented process and organization to create value,

To satisfy the needs and expectations of the relevant party while delivering services to our customers with sustainable development and innovative solutions in order to bring the brand value to a sustainable standard in a competitive market,

Environmental Orientation

To help the preservation of the authenticity by taking part in the products produced or used by our customers, and thus, be an environmentally and human-driven company, aiming to prevent ethical, environmental and illegal interventions,

To support reduced consumption of natural resources and longer useful lives by supplying materials and equipment in line with the life-cycle philosophy in our procurement operations with the supply chain management process,

To reduce consumption of natural resources and support the environment with proper training, monitoring and measurement activities while planning business with all our employees and solution partners,

To take action by keeping in mind the impact of our operations on the environment in every decision we make and every step we take,

Employee Orientation

To put our employees at the core of this process while creating value for our customers,

To create an effective and efficient organization by always considering and understanding that our employees are human rather than a resource as well as their experiences and to take action for continuous development and learning for each of our employees,

To plan all our processes with a risk-oriented approach and manage our risks effectively to create an OHS corporate culture with a proactive perspective with our employees,

To provide all necessary resources to improve the performance of the integrated management system; to listen to the opinions and suggestions of our employees to ensure active participation of our employees in the system, and to achieve success with a collective business approach,

That agile mindset, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, responsibility, learning from mistakes, coping with uncertainty and developing competencies such as becoming a good team player, which we strive for developing in each and every employee, are our key pillars for creating value for our customers,

To value improving each other through transparent feedback, and to promote a sense of accomplishment across all levels and teams,

To provide the necessary resources as per technological advancements in line with the “Zero” accident target and avoid occupational diseases and improve by monitoring the changes,

To work in a goal-oriented working environment where the principles of openness and transparency are cherished and we encourage each other, dedicate ourselves to our responsibilities and respect each other,

To act fairly, in good faith and impartially toward others when working with our employees, employee representatives, stakeholders and solution partners, to protect our employees by ensuring that the site and environment where we operate are safe, comfortable, supportive of social development and in compliance with legal and other requirements,


To continue our operations in line with the holistic ethical values and social responsibility perspective of our organization while mapping out our plans to achieve our strategic goals and create value for our customers,

To meet the requirements of national and international standards and legal regulations related to health, safety and environment, to continuously improve and increase our experience and knowledge with our employees and solution partners while securing them with our integrated management systems.

Release Date: 01/08/2022