Quantag is a science-oriented technology company, and our management team is composed of highly experienced scientists with a business mindset. Our innovative solutions come directly from our cutting-edge R&D lab and transformed into reliable products for various industries. Our highly experienced management team oversees all this process, and this makes Quantag a highly relevant solution provider for many business problems of today.

Managing Director

Dr. Emre Heves

Emre Heves has a PhD in Microelectronics and has 15 years of experience in various technology companies. His areas of interest are sensors, quantum tags and application and characterization of quantum dots for industrial purposes.

Head of Innovation

Dr. Eren Şimşek

Dr. Eren Şimşek is a highly experienced material scientist with an equally strong background in science and technology management. He oversees all business development and innovation activities at Quantag.

Our People

Quantag offers spirited work place environment and encourages all its members to be their best version. We value our people and want to flourish them in every possible way.