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Quantag is a nanotechnology company which focuses on brand authentication, fluid markers and security printing. It has various ongoing projects with some of the biggests companies and some government agencies in Turkey

When was Quantag founded?

Quantag was founded in 2014 as a spin-off company from Opet Petroleum ( with a private equity of Ko. Group ( and Ozturk Group ( Koç Group is Turkey’s biggest private holding and Öztürk Group is one of the biggest actors in the energy market. 

What is the main field of interest for Quantag?

Quantag provides solutions in three domains.

  1. Fuel Markers
  2. Brand Authentication
  3. Security Printing

What is Quantum Tagging Technology?

Quantum Tagging Technology (QTT) is a novel method to identify and authenticate valuable documents and products. QTT employs quantum dots to generate highly secure and unique Quantum Tags that cannot be duplicated. These Quantum Tags can be read and decoded only by ultra sensitive Quantag sensors, real time at the point of use. With this method high security authentication can be achieved in a cost effective way.


Fuel Marker

Quantag’s Fuel Marker Quantru™ is used by OPET Petroloeum.

What is Fuel Marker?

Fuel Marker is a chemical marker used to authenticate fuels and other valuble liquid products. These markers, which are read with special sensors, can help to discern the origin of fuel used and prevent illegal activities that cause economic loss, especially smuggling.

In 2018 global size of global black market of oil estimated to be around 133 billion dollars. In Turkey, total tax revenue loss due to oil smuggling is estimated to be around 2,5 billion dollars.

Fuel markers are crucial in preventing this unregulated economy that cause serious political problems both in middle east and the world.


How fuel marking is done?

What is the main difference of Quantag's Fuel Marker?


Brand Authentication & Security Printing

Quantum Tagging Technology is a perfect fit for security printing applications and can meet stringent needs for new security features of the sector.

The desire for ultra secure and cost effective tags of brand protection and product authentication applications can be achieved by the novel Quantum Tagging Technology.

What is the benefit of security printing?

Why Quantag's authentication solutions are unique?

What is the level of security in Quantag's quantum tags used as an authentication encryption?